Fragments of a Fractured Mind


JGS Newsletter V02 I02
I’ve worn a buncha different hats in this life – Student, RockJock, Broadcast News Reporter and Anchor (radio and television), Concert Production (sound, lighting, staging, promotion), Civil War Re-enactor, Writer, Raconteur, and Graphics Designer. Ah, but now I’m a card-carrying ol’ fart, mostly retired, and so I choose to focus (no pun intended) primarily on Fine Art Photography. I’m really not very interested in pursuing any further design projects, but you never know. Were someone to offer me a project that tweaks my interest, and offers very adequate compensation, I might consider giving design another go. Maybe. Show me the money and we’ll see. What else? Oh. Yeah! See some more samples of my work just below, y’know. Click on any thumbnail to make it all bigger. Gotta design project of your own, and you need some nice imagery to spice it up? Step on over to my on-line shop – – and you can get y’self a royalty-free license of any of my images.


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