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Money in the Bank!!

McPhearson’s Pier

Yep. Made me a sale! TWO sales, in fact.  It seems that my online store is officially “doin’ bidness,” as they say down here in Deep Dixie. One customer – in Oklahoma – bought a print (McPhearson’s Pier) and a second customer – in Florida – bought four prints (Control Panel in Red and Orange, Cotton Gin Vent, Rusted and Broken and Jellies on Blue).

Both customers appear to be pleased with their purchases, and I am most gratified to have enjoyed a small degree of success, after several years of trying to develop an online business. At long last, I’ve been able to work my system all the way through, and it appears to function as designed. That’s a bonafide load off my mind.

Control Panel in Red and Orange

I’ll soon be prepping some new images, collected during a recent journey to Charleston, SC, and you’ll be seeing those at, along with a few others from my collection. Thing is, once you’ve dipped yer toe into the water and finding the temp of same to be just right, you find yourself in the grips of a craving for MORE!  so whatcha need to so is step on over to the JaiGieEse PhotoArt online store and havalook around. You’ll find many images of all different sorts, and you can get any and all of them for your own – as a custom fine-art print – starting at $14 per.  Should you need a nifty image for a project or design, just click on any image whose title includes the suffix “LIC,” and  you can grab a royalty-free license for same.

Don’t forget that JaiGieEse PhotoArt now offers image restoration – to those who have a cherished heirloom or keepsake photo that needs a little help.

Now’s your chance!! You can become my third customer! It’s just a click away, y’know?