Fragments of a Fractured Mind

New Directions….

well-usedSometimes you have to let go of an idea. One thought I’ve clung to for some years now is that I could attract a audience – a BUYING audience – in my beloved home town – Columbia, MS. Hoping to bring this idea to fruition, I exhibited at a very fine local gallery for two years, or thereabouts. During that  time, I exhibited differing sets of prints from my collection of imagery. I sold exactly four prints – all at once – to a lady from a western state, who was in town to visit friends. This was almost a year ago. To the locals, I’ve sold – nothing.

So. Last August, I decided to try a new tack. I closed my gallery exhibit and then, in November, I began to show my work at another shop in Columbia. This new exhibit included a few of my prints and a calendar I’ve created, one featuring images from Columbia and Marion County. I’ve sold a few calendars, but not enough of them to cover my production costs. Prints? I’ve sold none. Not a one. That exhibit closed this week.

I dunno. Mebbe it’s my work. Perhaps I’m not communicating to good effect. But then, I DID sell a set of prints to the lady from out west. So, it could be that I’m just not communicating LOCALLY. Or mebbe the folks here in my hometown and county aren’t interested in purchasing quality art at professional prices. Not photographic art, at least.

So I’m thinking that it’s time to get my work in front of some new eyes. And actually, even  THAT is not a new effort. I created a website a little over a year ago – – in an attempt to extend my reach. Haven’t had any luck there, either. Yet.

Now, I am told that I am possessed of a stubborn streak. I do tend to vigorously defend myself if I feel I’ve been wronged, often to a fault. I’ll expend the same energies for other people and other causes if I feel that these are deserving of my support. And I do NOT like to give up, to yield what I see as a valid point. Or points. When I was a kid. my brother sometimes opined that I’d argue with a fence post. Which I will, mind you, IF I think the thing is worth the trouble.

So here we go again. About a month ago, I began to post low-resolution images from my portfolio to my own Facebook page and to a page I manage – “Fragments of a Fractured Mind” – and to, as of this writing, five different Facebook artist and photography groups. And I’m looking at a few other groups, as well. I’ll not list them here just now, but if you’re REALLY interested in where you may find these posts, well, then, drop me an email at, and I’ll send you a list.

I’m posting, roughly, an image a day, and it seems to be getting somewhere. I have gathered a nice set of likes and comments and some little praise. One hopes that someone out there will be captivated enough by my work to actually BUY some of it. Will this work? We will see, won’t we?

The song plays on.


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