Fragments of a Fractured Mind

Have I mentioned….

….that I an a graphics designer?, I mean I do all sortsa stuff, like, for instance, (takes a deep breath) magazines, book covers, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, posters, flyers, sales sheets, banners/signs, product packaging and labels, post cards, promotional materials and advertising layouts, annual reports, logo design, letterhead/envelope, business cards, greeting and holiday cards, announcements, CD/DVD disc labels and inserts and photo restoration/retouching. Whooooosh!! (Sound of a breath letting out.) and I’m very good at what I do. Y’can see some samples of my work on this blog (click the “DESIGN” link at the top of the page) and I am a fairly decent photographer, fine art style (Click the “IMAGERY” link up top).

Hey, and if you’re REALLY interested, y’can access more samples of my work at: Click on that link and a ZIP package will download to your machine. Might take a minute, depending on your computer. I’m not as expensive as some and more expensive than others, but what I do will be worth your time and money. You see an image you like? Think maybe it’ll look great on yer wall? So drop me a note. I can make arrangements to sell you a nice print, framed or not, big or small. There would be shipping charges, of course. You choose how.

Oh, and I may have forgotten to remind you that I have a coupla great looking Lab mix pups to adopt out. They;’re black and male and energetic and cute and fun, about five and a half months old. They’ll make great pets. Yours at no charge if you agree to give to them the love they need.


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