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They’re Here!!!!

Swank WindowGiven the time of year, I suppose that my headline might bring to mind the image of a little girl, her face illuminated by an eerily flickering light, cast off from the snow-filled television screen in front of which she sits, as she senses the presence of a super-natural spirit. But the phenomena to which I seek to call attention is no poltergeist, and it’s hardly phantasmal.

No, folks, not hardly. I’d like to announce the arrival of the brand-new JaiGieEse PhotoArts Columbia-Marion County calendar for 2016. They’re very real, they’re here, and one hopes you’ll find them to be very attractive.

These are seven-page wall calendars, featuring a selection of scenes from in and around my lovely old hometown, Columbia, MS. The Columbia-Marion County 2016 Calendar is available  – right now – exclusively at Swank Salon & Boutique, 715 Main Street, in downtown Columbia.  These calendars are about a hometown, and created in a hometown, by a hometown guy. Price of the calendar is $25.00.

I’ll be on on-hand at Swank for the downtown open house this coming Friday, November 6. Should you choose to stop by, you’ll also find a selection of my framed prints, including two panoramas – both of them now on display in Swank’s storefront windows – and many other unique artworks, crafts, jewelry, furniture and much more. Oh, and you can even get your hair styled in Swank’s salon. I hope you’ll find a moment to stop by Swank and chat for a bit during the November 6 Open House.

Oh, and if you’re not in the Columbia area, never fear. You’ll be able to order the Columbia-Marion County 2016 calendar via my website – http://www.jaigieesephotoart – by clicking on the “CALENDARS” link in the menu bar near the top of the page. That’ll get you to all the information you’ll need to order as many calendars as you like. Come see us, y’hear?

We Begin Anew….

Marion County Courthouse, at the south end of Main Street, Downtown Columbia, MS.

Marion County Courthouse, at the south end of Main Street, Downtown Columbia, MS.

JaiGieEse PhotoArt is pleased to announce that our exclusive hometown representative is now Swank Salon & Boutique, 715 Main Street, Columbia, MS. A selection of our framed prints is on display at Swank’s downtown Columbia location.

Soon to be available is our very first calendar. It’s an attractive wall calendar featuring images of Columbia and Marion County. As with our print offerings, this calendar will be available locally exclusively at Swank. BTW, the image that accompanies this post is the cover of our new Columbia – Marion County calendar.

And, very soon, you’ll find this calendar and in the future other calendars and photo books on our website –

Swank will hold an open house on Friday, November 6, 2015. We’ll be on hand to sign calendars, share the fun and fellowship so common to downtown Columbia and just do some ol’ fashioned sittin’ and talkin’. We do hope y’all will come by and set a spell.

Don’t forget to see our collection of newly uploaded images – to be found in the “FRESH” gallery –  at Amongst these are some treasures from a recent journey to Savannah, GA, and a smattering of images from a recent trip to Pigeon Forge, TN. Y’all do havalook, y’hear?

The more things change….

The veneralble Old Mill, just off the Parkway and on the Pigeon River, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The veneralble Old Mill, just off the Parkway and on the Pigeon River, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Late last year, I was ready to make a change. I’d been exhibiting at my local gallery, a privilege that cost me $50 a month. The exhibit had been open for about a year and a half. The images therein had been changed once, about halfway through that run. But I’d sold…..nothing. By December 2014, I’d invested right at 1200 dollars or so into those exhibits, for no return. So, as you might expect, I was, at the time, very seriously considering ending my relationship with the gallery. In fact, I had decided to go and collect my images therefrom on January 2.

And then I got a sale. Just before Christmas, a lady from Denver, of all places, in town to visit a friend, walked into the gallery, spotted my work, and she bought four framed images. Needless to say, this greatly improved my morale. I decided to let the thing run a bit longer. My spirits were lifted enough by this sale that I quickly reinvested the proceeds into having nine new images printed and matted and framed, and the new stuff went on the gallery wall in mid-January of 2015. Lotsa folks oohed and aahed and said all sorts of nice things when they saw the newly printed work. My hopes were very much lifted.

But then….it was back to the old routine. Nice work, nicely captured, nicely matted, and nicely framed, nicely hanging there on the gallery wall, gathering little more than dust and bringing absolutely nothing to me, save for a collection of “That’s nice!” sorta comments. But no sales.

So. We come to August of this year, with no further activity. By this time, I’d invested something near $2100 into this gallery exhibit and had sold roughly $650 (gross) worth of images. That’s a return of less than a third of my investment. Soooooo…..

I came to the conclusion that enough is enough. Mid-August came and my images came down and I ended my relationship with the gallery. I have instead determined to focus (no pun intended) on my website and,….what’s that, you say? Which website?

Well, it’s to be found at

Now then. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Besides the website, you’ll find a few of my images at a new online place –

Now, YouPic describes itself thusly: “YouPic is the place for photography enthusiasts around the world to be inspired, receive recognition and improve their photography.” This is a “look and comment” site only. No downloads permitted and no sales at YouPic. You’ll need to visit my website for that.

And speaking of which, I’ve just added 50 new images to To see them, click on the “Fresh” link on the website’s toolbar. Most of these new images were captured on our jaunt to Savannah, Georgia. (GO THERE! Savannah is a unique and wonderful place!) and there are a few images from our last journey to Pigeon Forge and a coupla shots from last summer’s trip to see the kids up in West Virginia. It’s all nice and new and up for your consideration, just as we approach the holiday gift-buying season. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

So, there ya are. Go and smell the ros…um, that is….go and havalook, willya?

Here’s one on me!


You buy ANYTHING, no matter how small, from my Fine Art America website during the month of May, you’ll get a $100 gift certificate for wine of your choosing from Naked Wines. That’s right!. You buy art photos from me, and YOU”LL drink to that!

Here’s a link to more info:

And here’s a link to my FAA website:

Here’s to ya!

New Exhibit Opens!!

Mists of Morning - West Virginia
JaiGieEse PhotoArt opened a new exhibit on Friday, 23 January 2015 at Artwistic Revolution Gallery, on Second Street in Columbia, MS. The exhibit includes four panoramas – including the image that accompanies this post –  two large abstracts and a series of three smaller images.

We hope you’ll stop by Artwistic Revolution gallery to see our new offerings. If you’re not in the Columbia area, you can see these images on our website – see the link in this blog’s page top-right menu bar. Once you’ve accessed the JaiGieEse PhotoArt home page, see the link in the page-top menu bar – entitled “EXHIBITS” – and select the January 23 entry from the drop-down list.

While you’re browsing the JaiGieEse PhotoArt website, you might with to have a look at the newly-posted images in the “FRESH” gallery.

We will soon begin work on our newest product offering – table-top quality photo books. Watch this space for an announcement. Those of you who are on our mailing list will receive an email update when the photo books are available.

Off to a Good Start….

ConfluenceThe beginning of a fresh, squeaky-clean new year is supposed to be filled with the promise of good things to come, and so it was with my own new year.  Late on the afternoon on Friday, January 2, I received a message from the manager of Artwistic Revolution – the eclectic little gallery in my old hometown wherein I maintain an exhibit of some of my work. He told me that he’d just sold four of my exhibit images. This marks my very first sale at Artwistic Revolution. Needless to say, I was much more than pleased.

One hopes this fortuitous sale will herald a year of growing success for my photographic adventures. For now, I am buoyed with renewed enthusiasm, as I anxiously await further good news. To be honest, the long months of but small notice and no sales of my work had begun to wear upon me, to the point that I’d begun to consider pulling back a bit. But this new fortune, coming as it does from a client who hails from a fair piece off from here, has reinvigorated my outlook and it has also prompted me to put together a new exhibit for Artwistic Revolution AND to upload a new collection of images to JaiGieEse PhotoArt, my on-line window on the world (see the link in the page-top toolbar).

I am prepping nine new images for display at Artwistic Revolution  – to be on exhibit by mid-January (including “Confluence,” the image that accompanies this post), and I’ve just completed the upload of fifty new images to JaiGieEse PhotoArt. These include images from a late-summer visit to Antietam National Battlefield, at Sharpsburg, Maryland and to historic Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, as well as images captured during a recent Caribbean cruise – to Isla Roatan, to Belize and to Cozumel, Mexico.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit JaiGieEse PhotoArt to view these new creations and should you find yourself in the Columbia, Mississippi, area, please do stop by Artwistic Revolution Gallery, at 819 Second Street. We’re right between the Second Street Bean – a charming and cozy coffee shop – and Shabulous, a wonderful little boutique, which offers many marvelous things  that I am certain you’ll want to add to your home decor.

So. Havalook at my stuff, and come see us in Columbia, y’all!!

Avoid the Rush!

The Magnificance of Cades Cove
Some parts of this great nation are bracing for intense winter storms, some of these even now dumping loads of snow upon already ice-laden towns and cities, and other strong storms are set to make their appearance just as millions of people get on the road over the hill and through the woods to grandmas’s house. It’s Thanksgiving!

That also means that folks all over the country are about to embark on the annual Black Friday frenzy – massing into brick-and-mortar retailers and onto myriad websites in hopes of finding a great deal on goodies for one’s own self and for loved ones. We’re already seeing news reports of people camping out in front of “Big Box” retailers, hoping to get their expectant hands on dirt-cheap items, most marked “Supply Limited.”

Hey! There is, you know,  a way to get a nice gift for anyone on your list, or perhaps that just-right something to brighten up your home or your office for the holidays without sleeping on a sidewalk or rasslin’ with sometimes unruly crowds -AND –  there’s no worry about finding something you like, only to find that it’s out of stock. All one needs to do is click on over to JaiGieEse PhotoArt (See the link above on the right end of the toolbar) and once there, have a look at our selection of fine art photography. There’s a lot to see at JaiGieEse PhotoArt and we’re about to add even more to our collection. And we don’t have limited anything.

See something you like? Just click on the handy “Buy” buttons and you’ll find a selection of print sizes and papers – glossy, matte, metallic, canvas, and so on. You can buy the print and have it shipped to the destination of your choice and then frame and matte it yourself – OR – you can choose from a nice selection of mounting styles, mattes and frames, and have a ready-to-hang print on your doorstep soon. (You choose your shipping options.)

You can even use our on-line wizards to create custom greeting cards – your choice of style, image and message, nicely printed and shipped with envelopes.

And soon, we’ll begin to unveil a selection of photo books – very nice books, hard-bound and professionally printed books, the kind you’ll love to share with family and friends.

And, y’know, you can get all of this without having to camp out on a sidewalk in the cold, rain and snow! If you’re in the Columbia, MS, area, you can get yerself some instant gratification by stopping in at the Artwistic Revolution Gallery, on Second Street in downtown Columbia, to see a small selection of my work, as well as some fantastic offerings by other area artists.

Come on in to JaiGieEse PhotoArt!

And please do have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas, y’all!


Fresh Images!!

Freight CarO.K., so I spent a little over a week building my new website, and….Oh, yeah, that would be See that link on the right end of the toolbar at the top of the page? Well, it’ll take you right to the website, y’know?

Anyways, after working a bit more than a week building the site, next thing I did was to transfer the images I’d uploaded to those other sites, the ones I’m soon to discard. Got those transfers all set up, as in, titled, key-worded, added to the main Portfolio gallery and separated out into specialty galleries, and then I engaged in some tweaking and fiddling and then the new site was ready. That was when I made that last post to tell all y’all about the new website, um, – link on the right up top.

And now, I’ve added fifty new images for y’all to enjoy. Once you’ve arrived on the new site’s home page, and that would be at, you’ll notice a brand new button on the toolbar under the site title. That button is labeled “FRESH” and that’s where you’ll find the new images – fifty of them. I’ll let’em sit in the new “FRESH” gallery until I’m ready to upload the next set of new imagery to the site – – and then I’ll move those images now in “FRESH” to the main Portfolio gallery and into the appropriate specialty galleries.

So whyn’t you take a little trip over to and have y’self a look at the new additions – in the “FRESH” gallery, y’know.

Something New This Way Comes….

Lido DeckHi, there, y’all!. Thought I’d let y’all know that I’ve a brand new website, and you can find it here:

Now, if you’ve been following my musings, you’ll recall that I’d affiliated myself with two separate print-on-demand sites, as a means of expanding my photographic empire. (The links to those sites may be found in the post just prior to this one.) Both seemed to be just what I needed.

However, as in many aspects of this thing we call “life,” all is not what it seems.

One of these sites – 500pix – is very well organized, and it allows for the creation of some nifty portfolio pages. I’d purchased a one-year premium membership, and was busily expanding my portfolio at 500pix, when I discovered, to my dismay, that 500pix had elected to dump it’s POD service and deal strictly with image licensing, i.e., they’ve become yet another stock photography agency. Nope. Not for me. Been there, done that, didn’t care for it. AND they made this change less than halfway through my one-year premium membership, with very little notice.

And then there’s the other POD site – Fine Art America. At first, this one seemed to be a good deal. A premium membership, which allows unlimited upload of images and includes a custom artist’s website, is very cheap. Plus FAA has seven or eight sister sites, situated all around the globe. AND they also have a licensing site, with which I’d normally not bother, but when one uploads imagery to one FAA website, one’s work is placed on all of them.

The trouble is that both of these websites employ their own proprietary search engines, and both are weighted to favor artists who’ve already sold work through their sites. If you haven’t sold anything, the best you could hope for was to see your work pop up on the twelfth or thirteenth page of search results, if that soon. And THAT is a galactic Catch-22. You won’t be seen unless you sell, and you aren’t likely to sell if you aren’t being seen.

Well, enough of that. I’ll be closing both those sites as soon as my premium memberships expire. I’ve created my own website and it uses standard web search engines. I’ve been learning a great deal about things like SEO (search engine optimization) and other such webmaster tools. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks building the site and it’s on-line and operating.

Oh, and you may have noticed that I’ve changed the name of this blog. Did so to reflect the fact that I’ve lost the desire to dabble in graphics design. I’ve left some of my design projects here (DESIGN link) just in case anyone might be curious about how I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life, but I really don’t plan to do any further design work. I would consider such a project, provided the thing interests me and for very seriously adequate compensation, but I’ve decided to focus (no pun intended) largely on my photography.

I hope y’all will have a look at the new site. I’ll be using this here blog to spread the word about my new endeavor. I’ll be back on a fairly regular basis to pass along news, some image samples and tell all y’all about new product offerings and the like. Once again, the link to the new site is:

Come along with me. I’m on my way to the stars. (Kudos to the late Perry Como.)

Movin’ on…..

Early Morning GladeWell, now. It’s been a while since I’ve created this little ol’ blog. Lots and lots has happened in my life – got married, moved back to my home town, got a nice, new Nikon camera, and I’ve retired, basically. My lady and I are busily working on our bucket list.

It’s also been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Not that this exercise hasn’t been fun, but the need to keep it up to date somehow got lost in the swing of things. Plus there’s the inescapable fact that while my offerings and ramblings here have generated a smattering of comments, nearly all of them positive, this exposure has done little or nothing for the advancement of my creative pursuit.

And so, I am of a mind to try something new. Thing is, one isn’t really supposed to sell anything or offer services on these free blogs, and I’ve had to sorta skirt around the edges of that small, but important reality. But I’ve found a coupla other places, new outlets, as it were. These are places wherein I can openly sell my imagery. These new places seem to better fit my needs, and they require far less regular maintenance.


I’m not gonna kill this blog. I may choose to stop in and say a few words from time to time, or maybe not. Y’see, the new places also have blog sections for those who choose to avail themselves of them. Might do that, might not. But I’ll leave my stuff here, for now. However, if you want the real skinny, as in to see my newest work and to discover what I’m up to, well, gee, come and visit me at:

The new sites are open for bidness 24/7/365. I hope you’ll come and look. (He leans back and quietly mutters, “and buy….”)

See y’all there, y’heah?


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